As a photographer and aspiring researcher, I aim to use photography to document the outstanding biodiversity of  Earth and the increasingly numerous and concerning conservation issues that I address during my research.

Having been born and lived most of my life in the heavily urbanised city of Birmingham, UK, my exposure to the natural world was minimal. Despite this, I developed an interest and concern for the environment, eventually studying Biology for undergraduate and specialising in Conservation and Ecology for Master's. I invested in my first camera during my Master's degree, when I discovered the potential for wildlife photography to engage the general public with conservation issues.

Since graduating, I have travelled and worked in South-east Asia and South America, documenting the unique flora and fauna that compose incredible tropical forest ecosystems. I have worked in Malaysian Borneo and in Ecuador, photographing the variety of life whilst assisting in ecological research. In directly observing the intense pressures faced by deforestation and degradation, I intend to further explore and document the complexity of relationships between development and tropical ecosystems.

I am open to queries regarding photography and/or research, feel free to contact me using the form below or my email address.

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