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As a photographer and scientist, I use photography to document the outstanding biodiversity of Earth and address issues of rising conservation concern.

Born and raised in the urban sprawl of Birmingham, UK, I was rarely exposed to the natural world. Eventually, I studied biology, specialised in conservation during my Master's, where I developed a heavy interest in entomology, global biodiversity declines and sustainable development. I purchased my first camera to capture threatened butterflies during my Master's, realising the potential for sharing engaging stories that could captivate the general public.

Since then, I have worked mainly in the tropics, including the Amazon and Borneo, documenting and studying the most biodiverse systems on Earth. After witnessing the intense pressures of agricultural land-use change, I have undertaken a PhD to explore habitat restoration within oil-palm plantations in  Sumatra, Indonesia, with the aims of enhancing biodiversity and supporting effective agroforestry.

I am open to queries regarding creative work, prints, and research. Contact me using either the form below, or my email/phone as found at the bottom of the page.


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